About me

I'm a copywriter living in NYC with my dog, Liam.

I am also a closeted poet, which means I incessantly stress over words.


When I was young I would get excited reading the copy on Vitamin Water bottles —after drinking all 2.5 servings in one go. 


I TOOK A COUPLE OF DETOURS. Adulthood caused me to stray from my wordsmithing ways, as I spent the last few years exploring jobs such as working for a Nat Geo photographer in Utah, cutting my teeth in fashion in Paris, and slinging drinks as a bartender at the Jersey Shore. Rest assured, as some great material has come out of these experiences.

Recently, I've found my way back to my one true love: using words to bend people to my will... though you can find me drinking tea now. Sugar or not, my zealously has not waned. 

I have experience working in-house as well as at HAVAS NYC  - B2B and DTC - and currently, I am working freelance wizardry for some startup clients. 


In my free time you can find me judging people as they attempt to parallel park, listening to true crime podcasts and assuring myself I'd get away with murder, and thinking about that thing I said two weeks ago while doing yoga. 

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2018 - 2019

Freelance Copywriter


Creative Copywriting Intern - Havas, NYC

2016 - 2018

Marketing & Branding - Révèle Contactwear, Paris


2018 - 2019

Miami Ad School, NYC - Copywriting


The Catholic University of America - BA English


St. Catz College, University of Oxford - OPUS Scholar


Oxford Union Debate Society

Catholic University PASS Mentor

Catholic University Cheerleading





Yes. Hire me. 

According native French speakers I’m “endearing.”

According to native Spanish speakers I’m “impressive.”

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